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Version 4.7.1607

· 3 min read

Major changes

  • New environment Edge - early access to new functionality.
  • New service Packer to automate the packaging of goods.
  • New tool Studio - planning visualization.
  • New design of a personal account.
  • New documentation - we have completely redesigned the structure and appearance of the documentation for services and tools. Documentation for each service is now available as a separate localized html file.
  • New data verification system - each service has its own list of critical and non-critical errors, the ability to run a calculation with automatic deletion of data that has not passed verification has been added.

Upgrade information

Common to all services

  • Changed structure type with service version: ->
  • Changed service version check path service/version -> service/system/version.
  • Changed the path for checking the availability of the service service/check -> service/system/check.
  • Changed tracedata - object instead of string.

Universal (UV)

  • Services Delivery and Lastmile are merged into one service Universal.
  • Renamed capacity parameters capacity_x\y\z -> capacity_a\b\c.
  • Compatibility is given to the general style: box.features -> box.box_features.
  • Compatibility changed to common style: cargo.restrictions -> cargo.box_restrictions.
  • Renamed setting of maximum calculation time planning_time -> max_calculation_time.
  • Added parameter max_waiting_time - the maximum waiting time in the queue.
  • Changes moved inside performer \ transport as child objects.
  • Renamed the maximum cargo size setting max_size -> max_one_cargo_capacity.
  • All limits are grouped into a limits object.
  • All compatibilities are grouped into the compatibility object.
  • The Location location has been renamed to Geopoint, and AdvancedLocation to Location.
  • Divided into different methods of canceling the calculation process and deleting the calculation result.
  • Added separate data validation methods for each calculation type (plan/validation, replan/validation, actualize/validation).
  • Changed paths for planning methods: plan -> plan/calculation, run_plan -> plan/calculation_async
  • Changed paths for rescheduling methods: replan -> replan/calculation, run_replan -> replan/calculation_async
  • Changed paths for actualization methods: actualize -> actualize/calculation
  • Trips cannot be sent to planning now, only to rescheduling and updating.
  • Updated settings groups:
    • each task type has its own settings - plan_settings, replan_settings, actualize_settings, predict_settings
    • all settings responsible for the formation of trips are grouped in trip_settings
    • all settings responsible for using geodata are grouped in geo_settings
    • all settings responsible for using your own or external routing are grouped in routing_settings
    • all settings responsible for the calculation process itself are grouped in calculation_settings
  • New trip model - a trip is described by a list of performer states, while the performer can be in several states at the same time (for example, be inside the working time window of a location and fulfill an order at the same location).

Routing (RO)

  • Changed Waypoint object - latitude and longitude are inside Geopoint object (same as in Universal).
  • Changed settings -> geo_settings settings.