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The Veeroute product is a set of services for solving logistics problems.

For each type of task and business branch there is a separate planning interface with its own data structure.

All services have an API description according to the specification OpenAPI 3.0.3.


Each service has its own version of the API.

The API version consists of three integers -

The corresponding version is incremented in the cases:

  • major - API update receives changes incompatible with previous versions
  • minor - new functionality appears and the update is backward compatible within the major version (depending on the generator and programming language - the minor version update may not be backward compatible with libraries that were created on the previous version)
  • build - updating documentation, examples, bug fixes

The major version is specified in the server path:


If the version is not specified in the path, then the latest current version is used.


All services have a single authorization and authentication mechanism - by token (Bearer Authentication), which must be specified with each request.

For each user account, a unique login-password pair is created, which are necessary to obtain a token through the Account API.

To obtain an account, please contact our tech support team.


When the user's password is changed, all previously created tokens become invalid.


For this format, there is a large number of ready-made tools for client application generation and integration.

Recommended generators are OpenApi Generator and Swagger Codegen.